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    Sounds simple? Yet it's the smallest of things that are sometimes, the most difficult.

    I've always wanted to go on a yoga retreat yet I would never do it because of the financial investment. If my husband came with me, even more so. I am a huge advocate for self care -- giving time to yourself, eating clean, taking a break from your loved ones, drinking more than enough water, speaking kindly to yourself -- whatever it is. Yet I never put these two hand and hand. Going on a yoga retreat IS self care. It's time to unplug from the distractions of the world and connect into yourself. You get to quiet your mind and you only give your mind particular responsibilities, such as what time to show up for breakfast, lunch and dinner and what time you need to unroll your yoga mat. Everything else is up to you. Once again, it's so simple, but sometimes so complicated. It sounds too good to be true, and guess what?...It is actually that good and true!

    I finally bit the bullet in 2012 and went on a yoga retreat. I clicked the button. I put shit into action. It was expensive, but absolutely worth it as I came back refreshed... I met people with whom I still keep in touch and I was forever changed. You see, a yoga retreat isn't just a vacation. That was the excuse I would give every time I would consider booking a yoga retreat. Why would I pay a few thousand dollars just to do something I can do on my own for a fraction of the price? But you will never understand until you find yourself on a yoga retreat. A yoga retreat is not something you will ever do on your own, meaning, it is quite difficult to book a hotel, sign up for yoga classes, and fend for yourself for food (and usually not the healthiest of food) while on vacation. I am not saying it is not possible, but it's different. Life changing different.

    At a yoga retreat your food is divine and top-notch healthy (self care), yoga is presented to you twice daily and you don't have to think about anything. It's within pure nothingness that we can see the beauty of the world. A yoga retreat is a huge opportunity to give back to yourself. If you cannot give to yourself, then you will have nothing to give to others and it's also really hard to be connected to the beauty of the world if you are depleted.

    I pushed the button. I purchased my spot on the yoga retreat. Before I knew it, I was on the beach. A little foreign at first. No husband with me (as he always travels with me), I didn't know anyone and I had that habitual feeling that I needed to do something.

    A yoga retreat becomes permission to just be. That's no small gesture. That is when things begin to shift in your mind and in your life.

    Since then, I've taught my own yoga retreats, one of them being at Silver Island. Silver Island is impeccable. The details are exquisite. I have never seen a retreat center so caring and detailed. It made me feel special. And all of this, is an understatement.

    Silver Island was hugely life changing for me. I found such a profound connection to myself and my true passion during my week at Silver Island. I was able to be back at nature, as no technology is offered (what a blessing). I was carefree. I was creative.

    One of my students on my retreat was a life coach. She so kindly gave me a free session. I told her that I had a vision to leave my current full time job within five years. She laughed audibly. She told me that nothing gets done in five years. Where's the fire? Where's the urgency? There wasn't any. After two hours of conversation, we had a game plan to leave my current job with two years.

    Two years? I better put shit into action. I've been here before. Just click the button, right? Purchase the yoga retreat? Pretty much. Yet once you put action behind your intentions, you will be surprised how your life propels forward in the most positive way. Ten months later (that two years went by fast), I left my job and made the leap into full time yoga. I had time on Silver Island to get clear with my purpose and vision. A yoga retreat is always exactly what the doctor orders. You just won't know it until you click the button.

    Have you always wanted to do something but always have an excuse? That was me, before I went on my first yoga retreat. Life is too damn valuable to sit in our box and worry about money. Money is simply energy. It always comes back (I've learned this quickly). I've learned in my last 10 months that we are absolutely limitless yet we put so many limitations on ourselves. Money is often an excuse. Time can be an excuse. I have learned that my job is still there when I return from a vacation. I have learned, most importantly, that we need to live. We need to give back to ourselves.

    Everyone I have met on a yoga retreat still talks about their retreat to this day. Yoga retreats resonate with huge, positive waves into your life. All you have to do is push the button and the shit gets done. Simple, yet effective.

    ♥ Meredith

    Bhakti Chai Ambassador
    Jade Yoga ProAmbassador