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    Our Ground Crew

    We were welcomed warmly but understandably with also some mixed feelings and probably a lot of confusion! Setting up and running a yoga retreat on an Island was not something we were going to manage without the support from the local community. We therefore made sure we acquired this crucial ingredient early on and so an unorthodox yet efficient mini logistical network was born.

    Oreoi Supermarket is probably our most important life line and the family that owns and runs it are considered part of the ever growing Silver Island Family. Twice a week we send an e-mail with an attached order form to the owners son who speaks English but lives in a different town. He then kindly translates it and phones the order through to his parents. Great care is then taken in sourcing only the best quality and the right quantity ingredients we need.

    This system however is not fool proof and every now and then something gets lost in translation, which makes for a good giggle, like ordering butternut squash and getting peanut butter instead! Vasillis, Liana and the rest of the supermarket crew pack everything into bags and crates and then take our goodies to the port for delivery to the island....

    George is not only our "boat guy" but also a part of the family. He collects and delivers all our supplies to the island and also on the odd occasional a late arriving guest.

    Our guests are brought safely to the island by Vagellis who is the only water taxi owner in our area and whoes family owns a Taverna in Trikeri. Vagelis plays super cheerful Greek tunes, is as cool as Mad Max and is often accompanied by one of his two sons. Whenever we get a chance we visit his family's Taverna to enjoy their famous scampi pasta. After our first season we held our year end function there with all 3 Silver Island Yoga staff members in attendance!

    Our young, arty, dynamic plumber and friend, Panayoti, is someone we just cannot do without. Luckily not only is he an incredible plumber, he also knows a little about most things, so that is great to have especially when we don't know... From the grapes to the olives, the tractor to the generator, Panayoti is always on call and more than willing to help. He comes to the island with his own boat armed with a gift basket of fruit from his garden, fix what needs to be fixed and then runs for the hills when you try to pay him. A barbeque with us on the island is all he wants! He is really a special guy!

    If there was a Golden Key for Silver Island to awarded to anyone, it would be to our guardian Angel Evangelos. An engineer from Lamia who has been with us every step of the way sorting out legalities, permits, licensing and basically just about anything we need help with. He lives with his lovely family in the mountains around Karpenisi and we try to visit as often as we can.

    Mentioning everyone that plays a part in making Silver Island tick will make for a very long blog. This only goes to prove that we are really blessed to have so many wonderful people supporting us like Tasos our local taxi driver with his brand new taxi, Vangelis the fisherman who comes to our rescue when seas are too rough for us to cross or when we have heavy loads of materials for our building projects, which George at the hardware store makes sure are delivered to the port on time.

    The hospitality and love that we have been shown by our new neighbours is humbling and their commitment and ongoing support is so appreciated and reaffirms that the adventure we started 4 years ago was the best thing we ever did. Thank you all so very much.... Ευχαριστώ πολύ