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    Ayurveda and Aromatherapy on your Silver Island Retreat

    Ayurveda, is a Sanskrit word that comes from Ayuh, which means “awareness”s and Veda meaning “to know”. It is awareness that inspires knowledge. Ayurveda, the science of life, is a sister science to Yoga. It is one of the 6 Darshanas, “schools of thought” from India. Even though Ayurveda is an ancient science, it is still completely applicable to us today.

    Ayurveda theorizes that everything in life is composed of varying combinations of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. The tri-doshic model is presented in a way that combines these elements to create 3 states of being of dominant characteristics. Vata dosha is the combination of ether and air, representing the wind. It’s qualities are cold, rough, dry, mobile and subtle. Pitta dosha is comprised of fire and water, and represents fire. It has the qualities of hot, dry, sharp, light, mobile, and subtle. Kapha dosha is created from water and earth and represents water. It’s attributes are cold, dense, gross, sticky, slow and heavy.

    The doshas govern the relationships between the elements and have different qualities that can either work with or against each other, depending on our lifestyle. Vata’s home is located in the colon, Pitta in the intestines and Kapha in the stomach. Like increases like, yet what we like may not be the best thing for us. The tri-doshic theory teaches us how to easily re-calibrate ourselves for optimal health and well being. If our lifestyle and habits, create excess dosha, that will begin to accumulate in it’s “home” to the point of overflowing, spreading to weak areas of our body to create dis-ease. When we don’t feel good, it is our signal that something isn’t right! Time to be aware!

    Dinacharya are lifestyle practices that address dosha specific needs to keep us in balance. Various techniques are used that create a habitual routine in our life that addresses our unique needs. For example, diet and exercise tips are given, and the use of specific herbs and oils. Everything we need comes from Mother Nature! Ayurveda teaches us this simple fact.

    I like to use doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils for several reasons because they:

    • Are easy to use.
    • Are 70x’s stronger than dried herbs.
    • Have a long shelf life when kept in cool dark places.
    • Have cellular intelligence and are easily recognized and absorbed into our own cellular structure because their chemical components are so similar to our own!
    • Are safe and effective to use on everyone, newborns and the elderly included!
    • Are inexpensive when compared to the modern day medical system.
    • Have no negative side effects or addictive qualities.
    • Address multiple issues simultaneously.
    • Are able to cross the blood brain barrier into the limbic system affecting the brain!

    Essential oil are plant’s immune protection against external toxins. Centuries ago, the Egyptians, Indians, Greeks and Romans learned how to isolate these plant compounds for medicinal, cosmetic, health and dietary uses and benefits. One of my goals in teaching the Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat is to help educate and empower people on how simple and beneficial natural health can be.

    For more information please visit my website: www.karunadilibero.com

    I will be holding two retreats on Silver Island in September 2016. See you then!

    With love,