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    Going Solar

    With great sadness yet super excitement we bid farewell to our legendary LISTER generator and welcome our luxury 24/7 electricity powered by the Sun.

    First a tribute to the Lister, which was born around the same time I was. From the factory in Gloucestershire it has made its way onto a Silver Island and has produced electricity for family, friends and for our Silver Island Yoga guests.

    It wasn’t always smooth sailing but it was never to hard to fix with a screw, wire or cable tie. There comes a time though when one needs to move forward and the timing could not have been better. On our first night back from our long holiday we were suddenly dumped into darkness and after a quick inspection it was clear where the problem was. Our Lister was on actually on fire!!!!! We will always lovingly remember the steady hum from its one cylinder motor, but now.....RIP

    The idea of going solar has been around since the beginning of Silver Island Yoga and different panels, batteries and accessories have been well researched. None of us however really knew the difference between volts, amps and a potato so luckily our guardian angel Vangellis has come to the rescue once again. Vangellis and his brother Dimitris own a company that installs solar farms and with their knowledge and knowhow they have put a system together that will fit our needs.

    While Lissa and I were sipping cocktails on a beach in February our plumber and friend Panagyoti together with the electrician started digging trenches to lay the new cables. On our return to the island we realized why they wanted to start early, as digging on the island there are rocks and roots everywhere. With lots of sweat and swearing the new cables are now buried, the generator room painted and ready for our solar power and new back up generator (For those not so sunny months). The generator weighs a mere 350 kg which needed to be loaded onto a fishing boat, brought to the island, put onto a tractor trailer, off a tractor trailer and into a small room. How we managed to pull this off nothing short of a miracle but the ingenuity of the Greeks is always wonderful to witness.

    The foundations for the solar panel structure have been marked out and poured and if everything goes to plan over the next few weeks our new panels and batteries will arrive in time to be connected up to welcome our first guests for the 2016 season with 24 hour electricity. Corne