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    Silver Island Sustainability

    It has been a dream of ours from the beginning of Silver Island Yoga to make the way we live on the island sustainable. In choosing to live a life of love, surrounded by nature, we chose to simplify our lives..living by the principle of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and of course up-cycling old bits and pieces bringing them back to life with love.

    The island being so remote and off grid, already had all the resources we needed be live sustainably...Some of the very simple steps we took, which you too can do, were to;

  • Make compost with all our organic waste.
  • We collect and store all our rain water as we have not ground water and also try and encourage /inspire our guests to be mindful of their water consumption and be water wise
  • Use solar power for all our electricity and water heating. Having for many years only used an old generator for a few hours of electricity a night, we upgraded our whole electrical system to use solar for our electricity and for heating our water.
  • Our light bulbs are all energy saving
  • Our appliances are rated AAA energy efficient.
  • We only use non-toxic, all natural cleaners scented with organic essential oils.
  • We grow all our own herbs and some veggies.
  • All the food we serve is vegetarian, locally sourced and locally grown.
  • Our olives are organic as we only use organic pesticides.
  • This is a lifelong commitment of ours to make Silver Island sustain itself for generations to come and we hope to inspire those who come to retreat with us to see how joyful it is to live a life of love with purpose, by making just a few simple changes to the way we live in our environments.