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    I felt completely washed up by the time I made it to Silver Island. For whatever reasons, I was weary, hollow and numb.

    But I didn’t quite arrive like a battered piece of driftwood on the island’s shore; my hosts greeted me with warm and dazzling smiles before I had even stepped off the bus in Oreoi. Then we hopped into a speedboat and skipped over the sparkling sea, with the island growing ahead. That was pretty cool.

    My physical state on arrival was rather woeful, as well. Between a back strain and other issues, I just didn’t think I’d be able to avail of the full asana practice. How delightfully wrong I was! This is what I did each day:
    Morning restorative yoga; divine breakfast under the pine tree; walk along sandy island tracks; swim naked in clear seas (no sharks! love the Med); divine lunch in the shade; read; nap; sunset yoga; divine dinner under the stars; sleep; and again the next day. Throw in a dawn kayak to watch the sun rise, a full body massage, conversation and meditation as you please… in a most beautiful place, between the mountains and the sea…

    I suppose here is where I should say that my back began healing, my digestive system seemed to completely re-set, I felt happy (it had been a while) – and, indeed, all of this is true. I had a moment when I was so revitalised one morning, swimming back to land and onto a beach, that I felt like Ursula Andress in Dr No emerging from the waves… albeit saggier, blindingly milk-bottle white, and wearing some plastic ‘jelly shoes’ rather than a skimpy, figure-hugging bikini. Having kayaked there utterly alone, there was no cause for self-consciousness, nothing to make me feel anything less than Venus rising! Considering that I have never looked anything like Venus and that I felt somewhat like a Harpy when I arrived on the island, that’s a fairly significant outcome after only three days.

    One evening I read a line from my holiday book: “just to be able to study the sky, is reason enough to be alive.” Then I looked up, and saw shooting stars.