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    The birth of Silver Island Yoga

    Silver Island has always held a very special place in my heart. As a young girl, our family would spend long wonderful summers on the island. Thinking back, my memories are ones of absolute freedom, the engulfing sound of thousands of united cicadas, the silky feel of the turquoise sea with the golden sun on my skin, the feeling of never wanting to leave and the tears that fell when we got on the boat and waved good bye.

    Jetting off to London from Cape Town to experience the world at 18, with big eyes and a spirit that wanted to experience it all, I always found a way to have precious time on the place I loved, Silver Island.

    It was a common conversation around the table, with my friends who joined me over the years. What could we do with the island? “We could have a health spa, we could rent it out to the rich and famous, we could have a naked commune, we could import big cats on the island and have survival games” And my personal favourite “ a skate boarding park!” The one that always stuck with me was a yoga retreat. That conversation happened 15 years ago.

    My sister Claire and I set off on a great adventure in October 2010, travelling from Cairo to Cape Town, using only public transport, through 12 amazing countries in six months. This incredible journey created a shift in me. I didn't know it then, but I met my now wonderful husband in Malawi!

    With 18 years of London life, having had such wonderful experiences, making the friends who will be with me for life, I found it difficult to see a future in the big smoke… I knew it was time for a change, but I had no idea what, I was stuck.

    October 2011, I had gone to the island to do some much needed thinking. The sun was slowly rising over the island and it struck me so suddenly. I was looking out to sea, with my feet grounded to my heritage, this is the place where I had my first birthday, where beautiful memories were made, where my sisters and I scattered our beloved fathers ashes...I knew I had to come home. I was so excited about the idea of sharing our extraordinary little place on this earth.

    First thing I did on my return was call my sister Claire. Having shared my plan to turn Silver Island into Silver Island Yoga. To my relief and joy, Claire was in! The person who has made this dream the reality it is today. Donna, our eldest sister is the creative heart behind all our design detail. It’s amazing how our individual personalities as sisters all compliment each other.

    And so the adventure began….