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    ReTREAT yourself

    Stretch the Imagination with an exciting yet relaxing Holiday experience

    More than just a holiday, a yoga retreat can be an inspirational and transformative experience that you’ll never forget…

    With early morning starts, detox diets and plenty of exercise, it may not sound like a relaxing holiday choice to some but as Yoga becomes ever-more mainstream, each year a greater variety of yoga retreats are on offer.

    The Retreat experience is an opportunity to immerse in yoga practice for a weekend, a week or even a month at a time. It is a sanctuary away from everyday life, where you can properly unwind and recharge your batteries. Set in stunning, often secluded locations that make the most of what nature has to offer, a yoga retreat is so much more than just going somewhere beautiful to relax.

    Yoga retreats are gaining in popularity because they offer something unique - ‘Active Relaxation’. Like anything in life, you get out what you put in and it actually requires the right kind of effort to relax properly. Yoga is that effort. The retreat experience seeks to improve well-being far and beyond the temporary relief of sitting by the pool just sipping cocktails for a week and where the more conventional holiday choice may be a quick fix, a yoga retreat offers more long term benefits so that the peace and tranquillity which you cultivate doesn’t just fade as quickly as your tan does.

    Whatever your ‘yogabilities’, there are plenty of benefits

    Making that investment to go on retreat could be a daunting and intimidating prospect for someone new to yoga. But actually it’s the ideal way to start yoga. Being immersed in the yogic lifestyle with a chance to learn techniques and about the philosophy is a great introduction and an ideal way to establish a yoga practice. Yoga Retreats allow a beginner sufficient time to tune into their body and their personal needs. It would make for an unusual and exciting holiday with a chance to try something totally new. A retreat can provide a fun personal challenge and learning experience, where you can gain new perspectives, meet new people that come from all walks of life, who come together in a shared interest.

    For those people that are all too familiar to upward and downward facing dog, retreats offer the chance to go deeper into their yoga practice, Intermediate, learn more about the principles and techniques of yoga to initiate or deepen their yoga practice.

    For the adept yogi, a retreat is an annual pilgrimage, a necessity to re-sharpen their focus on cultivating inner stillness, strength and balance.

    Ultimately, the ideal yoga retreat is totally based on personal preference and often you can wind up making a choice based on a ‘gut feeling’. Whichever option you choose, a yoga retreat can really allow you to develop a new sense of yourself and create space for perspective so you can assess what’s important in your life. Peace, strength, serenity, renewed lust for life and better health are just some of the souvenirs that you’ll bring home.

    By Tammy Jones, who will be holding a retreat from the 2-8th of June (tammysyoga.co.uk)