April 2017

Teacher: Daniela Fuentes

My stay at Silver Island was a delight from the start to the end! I had really high expectations, having looked at the beautiful website, and I was not disappointed - on the contrary! The Island is a pure estethic joy- the nature is gorgeous, but also the rooms, the meals, the outdoor sitting areas ... all details are so carefully and beautifully crafted, yet there is this sense of authenticity everywhere that made me feel very welcome and relaxed. Lisa and Corne are wonderful and generous hosts, the yoga was great, beds were wonderful! Last week of April is a perfect time to come if you are longing for colours, sun and warm weather after a dark winter, but remember to bring a few really warm clothes as evenings and mornings were cold at the beginning of the week. I left Silver Island feeling energized, inspired and priviliged, and I certainly hope to return. -

Anne Marit Austbo