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    May 2017

    This must be one of the worlds best yoga retreats!! It's unique not only because it is a private Island and eco-friendly, but the place is run by some very passionate and lovely people that has a deep love for the Island, for nature, for animals, for food, for people, and for conserving the essence of the island. This truly place has soul! Once you get there, you'll know that the island will stay in your heart forever. It'll keep inspiring you to make the changes you were seeking. Eat better. Make delicious healthy food. Do yoga. Meditate. Walk in nature. Swim in the ocean. Relax. Breath. Take care of yourself. Take care of nature. And you'll have new friends when you leave the island too. You truly feel that you're part of a family. Connected in some way. If you're seeking that ONE special place, this is it. And for me being a vegan this vegetarian retreat was food heaven! And you can try to create some of this amazing food from their own recipe book when you get back home! This place just totally blew my mind! Forever grateful for this amazing beautiful experience!! LOVE

    Liv Unni Sødem