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    May 2017

    I have been practicing Classic ballet for 20 years and yoga for 3 years in addition to pilates and Gyrokinesis. Her knowledge about muscle structure, body alignment, connecting with body and mind was exceptional and she is one of the best teacher I have ever had. She also have very good vibe to influence people in positive manner and I believe their personality is very important and affect to the student. As a result she brought all student together and we get on so well. So we were very happy with her and I would like to come again when she comes back. She had teaching plan through the week to build up what we learnt and that was very good. Her class is good for both beginner and also experienced student to use correct posture, muscle and breathing. I was not sure about hula hoop before I tried, but it was so difficult but such a great fun. This experience was bonus. Rebecca was the best teacher to teach in details of our body and also lead our mind to peace and happiness.

    H. Walsh