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    June 2017

    Happy 5th Anniversary!
    I know that a 7 year itch will not happen for us.....with each and every year I've spent retreating on your island I've simply fallen deeper and deeper in love! With the island, with Corne & Lissa, with yoga, with the sunshine, with the peace and with the other guests.....not one bad batch of folk have I seen - only ever magical souls. Perhaps the magic is that you create such a calming environment in which everyone cannot help but be wonderful....whatever it is it works and I'll be coming back ALWAYS - till the day that I die a dose of Silver Island is part of my prescription for happiness.....at least once a year!

    This year my most beautiful moments involved hanging in the oak tree in the most perfect floating bed of colour crafted by Lissa, chatting around the fire pit, soaking up the sun of course and listening to the most beautiful live music at the most intimate gig I've ever seen courtesy of the lovely Tom and Marianna and who can forget the bioluminescence.....lighting up the skin of us all as we dipped in the sea close to midnight....it lit us all up just as you do all your guests!

    Officially my favourite place in the world...even more than home!

    Thank You!

    Camilla Philllip