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    June 2018

    I have summoned you a thousand years. You've dreamt of me through many lives. And yet here we stand, face to face, for the very first time. Look to that of the sparkling sea glass and you'll see that I can soften the sharpest of edges. Come walk my path and drink me up, rest your eyes and find the peace and resolutions you yearn for... and all the while I will fill you up with a gift you shall carry with you forever... one you must share when you go back into the world... spread it like wild fire. Those who gaze in our eyes will know the calm of my rocky shores, the peace of my great oak, the serenity of my shaded paths, the renewal of my cool waters, the magic of the glittering stars that bathe you in your night swim. And together we shall make the world a better place.

    Ashley Smith