Jim Harrington

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

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My style of yoga:

My own yoga has always been about getting into a really “good space” physically and mentally. Yoga is for re-finding balance, lightness and clarity. My classes are always a mix of explaining, and refining technique balanced with flowing meditative practice. My influences are Indian, Chinese and Tibetan yoga and a knowledge of anatomy and physiology. I have spent around 8 years in total studying in these regions.

My retreat offering:

When we can clear the mental clutter and internal "busy-ness", our mind returns to its true nature which is aware and joyful. The combined effects of being in nature, eating well and practicing yoga are tried and tested methods that invite “the bliss" to come visit us. Such experiences are often an epiphany.

In addition to the yoga postures and breathing, we will use one of the forgotten traditions of yoga. This is the age old practice of discussion and the telling of stories. The Ancient Indian Epics like those of the Greeks, are full of entertaining and colourful characters, but there is more than that under the surface. The stories also contain gems of wisdom, and may help us with the challenges of modern living.

Who would benefit from my teachings:

Anyone with a curiosity for yoga. Anyone with a wish to live more lightly will benefit from this retreat. I also specialise in yoga for professional sports people. Having worked with National champions and the Indian National Cricket Team. Those with an athletic interest may pick up some valuable tips to improve performance.

What you will take home:

Experiencing the feeling of deep relaxation and wellness during a retreat is different to any ordinary holiday. Such profound experiences are remembered on many levels by the body - mind, and allow us new perspectives on life. We draw on the memory later for strength and guidance. The bare minimum that a person will take away from this will be a practical understanding of effective and safe yoga postures and exercises.

My other special offerings:

  • Private yoga & alignment sessions, €60 per hour.
  • Private pranayama and meditation sessions, €60 per hour.
  • Katerina will also be offering shiatsu therapy sessions at €80 / £63 per hour

Why I teach yoga:

My personal interest is that place where the East and West intersect. When I discovered yoga in the late 80's, the "rational scientist" in me wanted an explanation for why and how it worked. This curiosity spurred me on to practice more. I still have many questions, in fact that is the thing. I teach yoga because it keeps opening up in front of me. I find some answers but by then there are other questions. I am constantly exploring and many of my students are my best teachers.

I started teaching a good friend in 1993, and as a result he recovered from a debilitating illness. I searched some more, and found the Yoga Synergy school in Sydney in 1997. After an apprenticeship there with Simon Borg- Olivier and Bianca Machliss, I started my first group classes. Ancient knowledge can be informed and upgraded by contemporary science, while the lifestyles of modern world can be upgraded by what ancient people figured out thousands of years ago. I have a Guru, he is my eight year old son.