Rachel Okimo

Fierce Grace: Strength. Serenity. Surrender

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My style of yoga:

We are built to move, and understanding our own unique body is the key to unlocking its potential and vitality. I teach a creative dynamic flow, that brings strength to the foundations of our postures, grace within our transitions and flexibility to our form. Classes are rich in variety, with fun and acceptance at the heart of the matter! The foundations of class are the carefully composed sequences that reflect the intuitive bio mechanics of the body while honouring the spirituality and science of the traditional yoga practice. Alongside the asanas, my classes include yoga breath work, meditation and visualisation techniques to focus the mind and an eclectic mix of music playlists to keep us inspired and motivated on the mat!

My retreat offering:

7 days of invigorating yoga flow, music, meditation, to ignite, balance and strengthen body, mind and spirit. Each day explores a key yogic theme that brings strength and stamina, release and restoration and balance and equanimity back into the often over worked undernourished body and mind. Expect an energetic open level practice that will provide a place of safe challenge to varying abilities.

Knowledge is power! The morning classes focus on waking you up and tuning you in. Beginning with meditation, positive visualisation and yoga breathing techniques, we'll then delve into an alignment based bio mechanical approach to the asanas of the day. Finding the fierceness within!

Let go and flow! The evening classes are there to ignite the Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire in you! Creative vinyasa sequences embodying the theme of the day, giving each yoga body the guidance to explore the more challenging, dynamic variations of our foundational morning practice. Finding the grace within!

Music is my mantra so all classes are complemented with the perfect playlist for the yoga mood. Expect some funky uplifting tracks to get you moving on the mat...and they'll be plenty of time to keep the energy flowing with a glass of vino after yoga!

Who would benefit from my teachings:

Anyone that likes their yoga with a side of FUN will love this retreat.The time on the mat will be playful, fun and informative and the time off the mat will be a space of fun with friends (new and old) too! Those that enjoy a balance of challenge and chill out can have that on the their time on the Island with me. As with any of my teachings there is always an underlying concept that ignites self inquiry and internal awareness as you flow even into the most pretzel like yoga shapes!

What you will take home:

  • A deeper understanding of one's unique body in relation to asanas, alignment and the flowing transitions within the vinyasa practice.
  • Meditation and visualization tools that can be applied on and off the yoga mat.
  • A deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and the science of yoga.
  • A freedom to explore the yoga practice with fun and lightness at the heart of the matter.
  • A fearless approach to going upside down!
  • Fierce grace :)

My other special offerings

  • 1:1 private yoga & alignment sessions, €120 per hour.
  • 1:1 private pilates & body biomechanics sessions, €120 per hour.

Why I teach yoga:

From the bustle and bright lights of NYC to the backwaters of India, my journey has been an eclectic adventure of exploring movement, music, culture and spirituality.
My accomplishments include a top notch dance training from the Alvin Ailey Dance School, a Bachelor of Arts in choreography and teaching certifications from several schools of yoga. As you can probably tell, my passion for the the amazing, wondrous form of the human body and its huge capacity to astound us, teach us and communicate to others has become my life's work!

A decade on, I have refined my dynamic yoga style along with a playful, creative approach to delivering the teachings of yoga. I am proud to have qualified as a UK and US certified Senior Yoga Teacher, founded yoga and music event Funk The Buddha®, and be a continuous presence in the creative fields of movement.

My interest in spreading ‘yoga off the Mat’ has led me to pursue a Masters in International Development and Anthropology for 2015/16 and my continuous curiosity with the moving body has led me to pursue my Pilates teaching certification for 2015.

Living a life I love, keeps me globe trotting to beautiful places such as Silver Island, teaching yoga and finding time to put on my dancing heels!