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    Yoga Teacher: Evi Bouzaki

    Caroline Graham-Wood

    Quantum Yoga Retreat

    Fully Booked
    Fully Booked

    6th -12thOctober 2019

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    My style of yoga:

    Morning Dynamic Vinyasa
    Evening Yin, Nidra & Restorative

    My retreat offering:

    The dosha-regulating Quantum Yoga sequences, beginner to advanced level. Quantum Yoga is a method of personal practice optimisation, using Ayurveda in its assessment methods. I will teach twice daily, starting the morning with pranayama, guided meditation and joint rotation, continuing with an energising dynamic vinyasa practise, synchronising breath with movement.

    The afternoon sessions will be a mixture of breathing exercises and mantra chanting to prepare us for a more gentle and introspective practice of either Yin, Nidra and Restorative Yoga.

    Who would benefit from my teachings:

    Everyone and anyone. Attending a retreat allows students to delve deeper into understanding how to ultimately spontaneously create flowing dynamic sequences that are ideally suited to their body-mind constitution and present requirements. Every Quantum Yoga sequence consists of 10 grouping, ensuring an energetically potent and physiologically safe practice. The primary mode is vinyasa or breath-syncronised movement, though a more static practice will be given for the afternoon yin and restorative practices.

    What you will take home:

    By having the time to study, explore and practice dosha-regulating sequences (at ones’s experience level, either beginner to intermediate, or intermediate to advanced), the yogi gains an understanding how vinyasa practice can in turn be more grounding and stabilising. Quantum Yoga derives its name from the many links between the ancient wisdom of yoga and modern science, in particular quantum physics. The basic insight that you manifest your reality is taken to its logical conclusion.

    If yoga is to become a truly transformational practice, the most important thing is to cultivate awareness, hone one’s skill to really listen in, take responsibility for one’s own well-being and act accordingly and one can do this by using the tools that Quantum Yoga provides. The result is a healing, conscious, intelligent, empowering, creative and sacred practice that leads to self-realisation. Through focusing on one’s true nature and listening out for the inner voice of wisdom, one pierces through to a universal dimension that connects us all.

    My other special offerings

    • 1:1 private yoga and alignment sessions, €60 per hour.

    Why I teach yoga:

    I love yoga because it gives me a sense of well-being and focus in my life and I want everyone to enjoy it too. Yoga provides direction, core strength and vitality. I aim for you to leave my retreat feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and progressing with your yoga. Understanding movement and connecting with your breath helps you discover grace and reach your own equilibrium and my teachings incorporate a yoga path that resonates with your personal requirements at all times and balances your inner nature to bring you into a state of greater harmony with the environment. The yoga method I use in my personal practice is a spiritual system that adopts the holistic approach to health from the ancient Indian healing science of Ayurveda, whilst embracing the modern insights of Quantum Physics to maximise one’s power of conscious manifestation.