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    Yoga Teacher: Caroline Graham-Wood

    Evi Bouzaki

    In Flow

    Fully Booked
    Fully Booked

    30th - 6thSept - October 2018

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    My style of yoga:

    Hatha Yoga using Vinyasa sequencing to move intelligently into space.

    My retreat offering:

    We will be welcoming the sun and the moon with a Hatha yoga practice, exploring the HA (solar) and THA (lunar) energies in different times of the day.

    Our little paradise these few days will be surrounded by water; water is the element of the soul; our body will flow like water, unzipping from its habitual patterns and then surrender to something new while we grow internally, breath by breath in dynamic and softer movements.

    When we get in touch with our bodies we can fill it with power; the power of the breath, fills with vitality and satisfaction every single cell of the body. We will have all the time to feel this, to move with grace and to connect with each other.

    Traditionally, every morning starts with meditation towards the wonderful sunrise and then an asana (posture) practice will follow with a comfortable-dynamic flow opening the body and the breath. The evening practice will be more gentle and healing, more intuitive and compassionate.

    'May we work together with enthusiasm, may our practice be bright and effective, may we be nourished from the food that we eat, the air that we breathe, the relationships that we choose'

    Who would benefit from my teachings:

    This is a retreat for everyone of all ages and abilities

    What you will take home:

    You will have a very ‘yummy’ and nourishing experience on Silver Island that may leave you with this sweet taste of getting onto the mat every morning. You will feel refreshed, relaxed, the breath will be deeper and more efficient, the body and the mind will be more open; you will re evaluate your values and ethics; your inner smile will be wider, full of gratitude after the valuable time you’ve spent on this stunning natural environment with yourself and others.

    My other special offerings:

    • Essential Oil massage full body, €60 per hour
    • Back, neck and scalp massage, €30 per half hour
    • 1:1 private yoga & alignment sessions, €60 per hour (You will get a written practice to accommodate your needs to take back home with you)
    • Katerina will also be offering shiatsu therapy sessions at €80 / £63 per hour

    Why I teach yoga:

    I always had a deep interest in physical movement, sports and other disciplines. But very soon when I started practicing Yoga, I realized that it was more than physical. The right time came to go deeper into the practice of yoga in the UK in 2006, where I started my trainings with the BWY and then the Art of individual teaching within the viniyoga tradition. Since then it has been a great journey with many influences and inspiration. Yoga as philosophy and discipline soon became my support, my anchor, a practice that I could go back to, something that makes me feel more balanced in every aspect of my life.