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    Yoga Teacher:

    Karuna DiLibero

    Return to Radiance Sadhana

    Fully Booked
    Fully Booked

    21st -27thApril 2019

    28th - 4thApril / May 2019

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    My style of yoga:

    Slow Flow Vinyasa
    I've been formally trained in Ashtanga Yoga (I was blessed to study with Guruji, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois for just over a decade before he passed), Anusara and Therapeutic Yoga (among others). But I find the combination of these styles, when sequenced in a slow, deep flow, works best for most everyone. By moving very slowly and mindfully, we are able to access more information about what is actually going on within us.

    Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word which means moving step by step toward an end result, the posture, using the breath as the vehicle to carry us through this moving meditation. Sadhana is also a Sanskrit word that means daily, devotional, continued, spiritual practice.

    I'm a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor. Ayurveda is the study of Life and how we fit within this web of existence. Since, we are all unique individuals, you will learn to adjust your Yoga practice to suit YOU! Therefore, we will also explore AyurYoga, which is a dosha specific Yoga practice.

    I incorporate all different facets of Yoga into the classes I teach; asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), mantra (chanting), mudra (hand symbology), and meditation, to make it a holistic practice.

    My retreat offering:

    Return to Radiance Sadhana is an invitation for you to return to your optimal state of wellbeing.

    In our modern lifestyle, we are praised for multi-tasking, best performance, working hardest / longest and we are expected to do it all, all by ourselves. We have grown so far removed from Nature and our natural rhythms. We go from one temperature control space to another. We eat food we have no idea where it comes from. Many don't know how to combine food or even know how to cook it anymore. Many of us are on auto pilot, going through the motions of living. But are we actually living our happiest life? Our DREAM life? Most people are not.

    This destructive combination puts our nervous system in the sympathetic mode: fight or flight. When we are in this mode, the brain triggers a chemical reaction, which puts us on high alert, creates tension, anxiety and stress and this leads to dis-ease within our body, mind and spirit.

    Return to Radiance Sadhana is a remedy for our modern day lifestyle habits. It is designed to reset your central nervous system, from the parasympathetic to the sympathetic, to be in the rest + digest mode. AHHH! This is a much more peaceful way to live.

    We will use the tools given to us through the Yoga + Ayurveda + Aromatherapy fields of study. The 1st 2 subjects are sister sciences. They go hand in hand. Ayurveda teaches us about who we TRULY are, and how to keep our unique Selves in balance while Yoga teaches us how the inner world reflects the outer world, and how to transcend, human suffering and all of our woes, aches and pains, to become a fully liberated soul! Aromatherapy can help us re-pattern our brain, helping us to create new ways of thinking.

    This retreat is meant to offer you an alternative perspective to how you view your life, your Self, how you care for yourSelf and ultimately how you show up in this world.

    Who will benefit from my teachings:

    People who will benefit from my retreat are those who have never done Yoga before to people with an established practice. People who are willing to slow down + look within to create REAL transformation within themselves. This is the practice called Svadyaya, Self-study, or Self-Reflection. This retreat benefits people who are looking for alternative ways to live a healthier, happier life and who are open to receive and love themSelves. This is practical knowledge for EVERYONE to benefit from.

    What you will take home:

    You will learn about:

    • The Basics of Ayurveda
    • Dicover you Dosha =Your Prakruti, (True Nature) + Vikruti (Current State)
    • How to use that information
    • How to balance your Doshas
    • Ayurvedic Self Care techniques
    • Yoga Practices to Balance your Dosha
    • Deeper Understanding of yourSelf
    • Practical tools for a healthier life
    • Skills to start your own Sadhana (daily, self yoga practice)
    • New ways of living with ease in the world
    • New friends
    • Return to YOUR RADIANCE
    • and so much more

    My other special offerings:

    • Traditional Thai Massage €80 /1 hour
    • Ayurvedic Health Counseling €80 /1 hour
    • AromaTouch Technique €50 /45 minutes

    Why I teach yoga:

    I am super passionate about teaching Yoga because this practice has literally saved my life! I had suffered from severe depression since early childhood through my mid twenties. I felt like my soul have vacated my body and that I was an empty shell just going through the motions of living. I went on a surf trip to Mexico for 2 months with 4 of my girlfriends, thinking that would be a cure for my perpetual sadness. Unfortunately, that didn't do it for me. So I moved to Santa Barbara, CA for a while. It was there, I saw a Yoga book in a bookstore window and thought to myself, "I hear Yoga is supposed to be good for you. I should try it." So I bought the book and started learning.

    Fast forward years later, I have been able to care for my moods with the teaching tools Yoga + Ayurveda + Aromatherapy has taught me about managing my body, mind and spirit through my diet + lifestyle. These are REAL transformative practices, that have survived, centuries because they are proven to work for people. It is my life's purpose to share these transformative practices with you in their purest form as they have been taught to me by my highly revered teachers (gurus, the "weighty" one who removes the darkness so we may live in the LIGHT!) It is my wish that we ALL live in our True RADIANCE. If you want to learn more about my work, please visit my website: www.karunadilibero.com