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    Yoga Teacher: Caroline Graham-Wood

    Katerina Polydoropoulou

    Resident Shiatsu therapist

    Fully Booked
    Fully Booked

    Book Now

    I am part of the Silver Island family and will be offering 12 Shiatsu therapy sessions a week at €80/£63 per hour and you can book your session with me directly on katerinapld@hotmail.com or on the island once here.

    A bit about me:

    I was born in 1979 in Athens, Greece. I studied Graphic Design and worked for 13 years at this field. The first time I heard about Shiatsu was through martial arts, which I was practicing when I was 19 years old. Then I visited a Shiatsu practitioner for my lower back pain and there I found my calling! I graduated in 2006 and in 2009 I gave up my job to start my passion - practicing Shiatsu. Shiatsu can be physical bodywork and “energy medicine” at the same time, applying pressure and stretching the body and also working with the human energy field.

    I love practicing Shiatsu for the joy of giving, helping and interacting in a unique way with every single person. For helping someone’s self-heal, for mutual awareness and bringing us into the present; in the here and now, relaxation, getting in contact with our feelings, exercise, stretching, nourishing, playing…

    I also practice Yoga and Pilates classes as often as I can, I love nature and animals, music and reading, I’d like to travel more, I'm curious about a lot and am searching… always….