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    Patwant and Doug

    Self Healing Through Inner Awareness of Ida & Pingala

    Fully Booked
    Fully Booked

    8th - 14thOctober 2017

    Our style of yoga:

    Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. This ancient spiritual and scientific practice aims to balance and integrate mind, body and soul.

    Our retreat offering:

    Patwant & Doug bring a unique blend of energy to Silver Island through a range of ancient transformative techniques and skills for cultivating inner awareness.

    The daily offering will be morning and afternoon sessions of 90-120 minutes that will utilize subtle conscious awareness of the masculine and feminine aspects within each of us that when balanced promote authentic self healing.

    Doug’s morning sessions will invigorate you and activate the Pingala (sun/masculine) energy while focusing on personal development and the scientific aspects of Yoga through:

    • Yama - awareness of behavior and how we conduct ourselves in daily life
    • Niyama - self-discipline and observation
    • Asana - ability to concentrate and clear energy blockages throughout the body
    • Pranayama - breath control to rejuvenate and restore the body’s life force (prana)
    • Pratyahara - cultivating detachment from our senses to direct attention internally
    • Dharana - the practice of concentration which precedes meditation
    • Dhyana - the uninterrupted flow of concentration
    • Samadhi - being at one with life

    Patwant’s afternoon sessions will soothe you while stimulating the Ida (moon/feminine) energy with gentle yet powerful work where we will tune into the natural flow of our bodies and souls. We will awaken intuition, become deeply meditative and connect to a power within us that is wise and all knowing. We will tap into an internal neutral space from where all things are possible.

    Who would benefit from our teachings:

    Anyone looking to discover or delve into the traditional aspects of Yoga with focus on the art of self healing. Beginners and advanced practitioners will mutually benefit. Each class is designed to have a specific outcome and over the course of the retreat we will take a beautifully structured approach to clear blockages and restore balance.

    What you will take home:

    An ability to connect deeper with personal intention, intuition and self awareness through a balanced approach toward the scientific and spiritual aspects of yoga. We’ll unify body, mind and spirit’s ability to access self healing mechanisms through the ancient practice of Kundalini Yoga while providing tools that can be incorporated into your daily life.

    Other special offering/s:

    • Reiki with Patwant @ €50 for 45 minutes
    • Energy Healing with Doug @ €50 for 45 minutes

    Doug is also an accomplished marathon runner and was the first person to run 7 competitive marathons on the 7 continents (Antarctica, Nth/Sth America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia) in under 7 days (6 days 18 hours).

    Doug brings vast knowledge on functional body mechanics and how yoga helps in recovery from exercise, injury and illness. He will host optional free sessions in addition to his daily morning classes. These will provide expert advice along with one afternoon of mindful movement & a running/meditation session.

    Why we teach yoga:

    Patwant: This transformational practice is integral to my life. It is the first medicine I turn too. I have been teaching since 2001 and continue to be blown away by the immensity and depth of these teachings.

    Doug: I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga while in the early stages of recovery from a life threatening brain operation to remove a large brain tumour. Kundalini Yoga was so effective in aiding my physical recovery while bringing awareness life long mental and emotional trauma. I’m now learning the joy of sharing the gifts of Kundalini Yoga through continued self practice and teaching.

    Patwant and Doug have a remarkable story about meeting on Silver Island that they will share more about during the week.