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    Yoga Teacher: Karuna DiLibero

    Sonja Lockyer

    QOYA for the femine Divine

    Fully Booked 2
    Fully Booked

    6th -12thMay 2018

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    My style of yoga:

    QOYA is a blend of yoga and dance, based on the idea that through movement we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free. Wise calls on the ancient wisdom of yoga. Wild calls on the creative expression of dance. Free calls on our ability to expand our capacity to enjoy being in our bodies through feminine movement.

    The style of yoga we practice is guided by the belief that innate wisdom is our teacher. Give yourself permission to feel good in your body. You cannot do it wrong if you allow joy to be your compass. We move in a dynamic flowing vinyasa sequence, weaving movement with breath and our intention, allowing it our intention to settle within our cells.

    We allow the movement to gently unravel the layers of illusion, bringing us back again and again and again to the fundamental truth that only love is real.

    My retreat offering:

    This is your invitation to fall deeply in love with yourself once more, the way you did when you were a baby and you marvelled at your own tiny hands and toes. Take this week to dive into your own heart, your own body, your own being and allow the full embodiment of the miracle that is you to reconnect with your awareness.

    Its only by being still, by breathing mindfully, by remembering our creative essence and by moving that we can fully embrace that we are a magnificent soul having a human experience.

    It's nothing new, it's simply a remembering. You have all that you need within you. Take a moment to remember.

    Morning practice will begin with a mindful breath & The Magdalene Meditation practice, an ancient tantric light sourcing practice that deeply nourishes and empowers the subtle body. We shall then practice Qoya, each day taking us on a journey of oceanic boundless love awakening within.

    Delicious brunch follows, the a rest time to soak up the natural magnificence of the island and the ocean.

    Lunch is shared around a large table, with soul food and the sharing of stories.

    Afternoon is private beach time, siesta, reading, kayaking or creating.

    Twilight will bring us to a simple Wellbeing Ritual® of mindful breath, meditation, movement and creativity. Each day will give you a simple, sustainable 20 minute sequence that you can take home and practice, supporting your daily mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. The closing evening of the Retreat will be a Despacho Ceremony of thanks.

    Evening supper with wine is shared again with more sharing of stories, observations and reflections.

    Who would benefit from my teachings:

    The QOYA Retreat is open to all women. There is no way you can practice Qoya incorrectly, the way that you know you are doing it right is that it feels good. This incredible movement system encourages you to connect with your own teacher, your intuition and to listen to the innate somatic wisdom of your body. It is playful, reverent, powerful and transformational.

    If you have ever found yourself dancing in the kitchen for no apparent reason - no choreography, no judgement, just raw, authentic movement - then you will love Qoya.

    Without agenda, Qoya invites you to dive into your Divine feminine essence and return to the truth of who you really are at your very deepest core.

    What you will take home:

    You will return home a truer, lighter, radiant and whole self. When you return to being fully embodied and conscious, you carry with you your power, your magic, your humour and your resilience. Synchronicities multiply. Miracles abound. The magnificence of life becomes your normal. You remember your connection to all and feel the truth in every situation that presents itself. No longer trapped by the boundaries of a fearful untrusting mind, you can dive into fully living your one beautiful life.

    My other special offerings:

    • Katerina will be offering shiatsu therapy sessions at €80 / £63 per hour

    Why I teach yoga:

    I began to teach yoga because I felt better on my yoga mat than I did anywhere else. I wanted to be the best version of myself and I felt that a daily yoga practice helped me to be that. That journey gently led me away from the masculine dictates of following someone else' idea of how I should move to QOYA - the ultimate expression of your self through your own movement practice.

    My work is to help you remember your incredible self. Though vinyasa yoga, tantra, kundalini, meditation, pranayama and Qoya I have gathered many potent wellbeing tools. Let me show you them, so you can find the ones that work for you.